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How To Have An Easy Maintenance Fabric Sofa

Your home is a comfort zone for you and your family, with the sofa being the heart of every home. With our busy and active lifestyles, any unwanted stress in the form of a mess should be minimized. In order to have a peace of mind with our fabric sofa, it is important to make an informed decision on a easy-care and fuss-free fabric that is suitable for the needs of you and your family.

What is FabricGard?

Unlike the temporary spray-on type of fabric protector in the market, FabricGard is a type of fabric textile that comes with microsuede material structure that creates a permanent barrier of resistance against blemishes such as fraying and staining.

As a smart and innovative fabric with stain-resistant properties, cleaning spills and stains on a FabricGard upholstered sofa becomes a breeze as it requires water only. This simplifies the cleaning process of everyday household stains from food, wine, chocolate, cream and even ink, as they can easily be eliminated, leaving you stain-free and trouble-free. With FabricGard sofa, you no longer need to go through the hassle of using cleaning detergents nor the washing machine.

On top of its convenience and easy maintenance, FabricGard is also pet-friendly as the microsuede fabric prevents the yarn from fraying upon any marks or scratches. A must-have material for pet-owners.

Choose from a range of colours for your FabricGard sofa – creame, graphite and neue.

How does FabricGard work?

1 / Scrape or blot away any excess residue.

2 / Pour or spray some water on the stain using a damp cloth.

3 / Apply pressure with a damp cloth and rub gently in circular motion. Repeat if required. Leave to dry.

Benefits of FabricGard Sofa

Stain & Scratch Resistant Fabric

Microsuede material structure forms a layer of protection from stains and scratches to happen on the FabricGard sofa.

Suited for You & Your Family

Simple maintenance of FabricGard sofa fits the needs of different habits and behaviours in your family.

Friendly for Your Kids & Pets

Kids and pets can be a handful with accidental food spills and scratches, but not with the qualities of   FabricGard sofa.

Easy Clean & Care-Free

Stains get absorbed and wiped away easily with just water on the FabricGard sofa, giving you a peace of mind.

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