SF 9446


• Mod. A/B – W1450 x D860 x H800 mm
• Mod. C/D – W850 x D1480 x H800 mm

As its name suggests, the Studio L-shape fabric sofa fits snugly in compact spaces. Featuring wooden arm rest that doubles as shelving, the Studio sofa is a simple, seamless and functional piece, versatile for any space. Set it against a crisp white wall in the living room to accentuate its wood finishing, this piece is perfect for small to medium living spaces with it’s slightly shortened chaise. In a matching design with a coffee table set, beside table and TV console.

• Sofa arms are made up of open shelves, which serve as practical storage and access to items.
• Materials for storage arms, and upholstery used is practical. It is easy to clean and maintain.

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