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SF 9442


• Mod. A – W280 x D950 x H600 mm
• Mod. B – W1300 x D1000 x H800 mm
• Mod. C – W650 x D1000 x H800 mm
• Mod. D – W1000 x D1740 x H800 mm
• Mod. E – W1000 x D1000 x H800 mm
• Mod. F – W1377 x D1377 x H800 mm
• Mod. G – W1950 x D1000 x H600 mm

This is Karl L-shape fabric sofa, a modular piece whose design is versatile in many spaces. Configure the pieces to fit small to large living spaces. In a mix of fabric and wood, this piece features wooden armrests that double as shelving, an elegant way to stowaway the magazines and remote controls. With adjustable headrests for each section, Karl is added comfort and keeps the sofa looking sleek by keeping the headrest when not in use.

• Modular system allows to configure from small to big configurations to suit the space.
• The armrest design allows things to be stored inside, or placed on top as the surface is in durable HPL.
• It can serve the function of a side table, which is equally useful in a small or large space.
• Adjustable head/back rest allows for the sleek look when not in use, but gives backrest support when opened up.
• Armrest is modular, thus suiting preference for arm or without arm

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