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SF 9391A


• ModA/B – W1750 x D1000 x H630 mm
• ModC/D – W1000 x D1000 x H630 mm
• ModE/F – W1000 x D1100 x H630 mm

Apollo L-shape fabric sofa is a sleek and contemporary low back seating sofa. It’s beauty comes from the sofa curves of this piece. A sectional sofa with it’s modular configurations. It has adjustable headrests that hide away and keep the profile minimal. A firm piece, upholstered in fabric, made for medium to large living spaces.

• Meant to look minimal and low back, the head rest should be displayed in its lowest position as all times. Tilt it at a higher angle only when necessary,
• The beauty in the contour of this sofa can be seen form the side view. Ideal if the side view is facing the entrance.
• This sofa is firmly upholstered, yet the rounded edges gives is a soft look.

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