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Each mattress in Cellini’s Nightingale Silenite range has a design objective for your sleep needs. Each one a blend of excellent material and smart fabric technologies from leading European manufacturer, Bekaert Deslee. These technologies are used combination with ActiPro™, a probiotic anti-allergy fabric. Equipped with a composition of Visco Elastic Memory Foam, Natural Latex & Micro Fibre, Silenite Mattresses’ aim to target back care issues, temperature regulation or the build-up of negative ions in our body.

In addition, every Nightingale Silenite Mattress is constructed using world renowned Individual Pocketed Spring (IPS) system, the preferred system used by the best spring mattress manufacturers worldwide. Nightingale IPS system provides truly no-partner disturbance, which is very important for a restful night of uninterrupted, rejuvenating sleep, especially for light sleepers.

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Best Quality & Modern Mattress for Everyone in Malaysia

Get a good night’s sleep with help from the mattress specialists

Nightingale mattresses developed by CELLINI, have a unique combination of excellent material and cutting-edge technological fabric. Wellness through the smart fabric is a game-changer.

Partnering with world-renowned producers of award-winning innovative fabrics, European manufacturer Deslee Clama, Nightingale mattresses focus on providing sleep solutions that are specific to different needs.

From 100% natural bamboo tickings for asthmatic users to temperature-regulating fabrics to discharging tension while you sleep.

Finest Mattresses Made With Natural Latex or Memory Foam

For the finest mattresses and beds in Malaysia, look no further than Cellini. We are the country’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of the Nightingale line, each equipped with Visco Elastic Memory Foam or Natural Latex for a superior evening’s rest. With outstanding longevity and comfort, you’ll get night after night after night of peaceful sleep with our range.

Constructed using the individual pocketed spring system – the same system used by the most luxurious, high-end manufacturers – our models deliver unparalleled support and comfort. We are proud to offer some of the highest quality mattresses in Malaysia at the most competitive price, ensuring everyone can get the benefit of great sleep.

Discover why Cellini mattresses and other product grace rooms in Malaysia

As manufacturers, we understand these products better than anyone else and can recommend the most appropriate model for your needs. When you buy mattresses through us, you’re shopping with an experienced industry figure who understands everything that goes into these products. If you have specific requirements for your mattress, speak to our knowledgeable staff.

From dining tables to sofas, our catalog offers something for every room in the home. For quality and style, you can rely on for years, speak to a Cellini representative about ordering for your home.

Browse our collection, or get in touch with our customer service department via email at or send us a message through our contact page.

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