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Design & Craftsmanship

The uniqueness of Cellini’s design philosophy and the quality of our craftsmanship can be seen in every part of our furniture, even in the smallest detail. Every piece is a work of art rendered in timber and metal, and every step of the manufacturing process is subject to the strictest quality control. Curves are rendered to flow smoothly, fluidly and gracefully and each join is engineered to be secure and snug, delivering the greatest strength. At the heart of our company is a dual passion for old-world craftsmanship and modern design practices and technology.

Integrated Modern Furniture Manufacturer & Retailer

The quality of our design and manufacturing are only part of what makes our business exceptional. Our role as a vertically-integrated manufacturer and retailer gives us a keen edge over our competitors in meeting the specific requirements and demands of our customers. We are one of the few enterprises in South-east Asia to integrate veneer, timber and metal fabrication facilities under one roof alongside panelling, upholstery, sewing and spraying. We also operate an in-house melting and casting facility for aluminium and brass components, and conduct our own electro-static powder coating and zinc phosphate pre-treatment on metal. All fabric and leather-upholstered sofas are assembled in-house by own team.


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Sand Casting

A speciality of our company since its founding, Aluminium Alloy Sand Casting allows a great deal of versatility for manufacturers such as ourselves. With minimal restrictions on form and the ability to duplicate even the most intricate, complex designs in large numbers, sand casting is ideal for our purposes. First, our skilled pattern makers create a wooden pattern, which involves translating our designers’ two-dimensional drawings into a three-dimensional space. A sand mould is then made from the wooden pattern, and molten aluminium is poured into the mould. After time to cool, the solidified aluminium is extracted from the sand mould by breaking it.

Customer Care

We put the highest premium on your satisfaction, working tirelessly to ensure that the greatest care and attention to detail is brought to bear throughout your entire experience with us. Providing superior customer service is what we do; this includes everything from providing the best modern furniture to the shortest lead times and using the most knowledgeable service staff. It’s this dedication to seeing you happy that means you’ll find our designer furniture in homes from KL to Klang Valley and across Malaysia. View our collection in person at our showrooms. Find your closest location by clicking the button above.